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Cadbury – Dairy Milk Rebranding

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Reinventing Tradition: Cadbury Dairy Milk Rebranding by 29 Seconds

In a remarkable endeavour, 29 Seconds undertook the task of rebranding Cadbury’s beloved Dairy Milk chocolate, breathing new life into an iconic brand. Our objective was to refresh the brand’s image while preserving its honouring its rich heritage.

To reintroduce the rebranded Dairy Milk Silk to the world, we devised a comprehensive marketing campaign spanning television, digital platforms, and experiential activations. The campaign celebrated Dairy Milk’s timeless charm while highlighting its contemporary transformation.

The reimagined visual identity resonated with consumers, appealing to a wider audience while maintaining the loyalty of existing Dairy Milk enthusiasts.

Building on Dairy Milk’s heritage, we developed a packaging design to Introduce a new range product “Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate Sauce” to evoke excitement and anticipation. Infused with vibrant colours and captivating graphics, the new packaging reflected the brand’s joyful personality and irresistibility.

At 29 Seconds, we take pride in our ability to honor traditions while embracing innovation. This work sample showcases our expertise in rebranding, design, and crafting memorable experiences that breathe new life into iconic brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk.

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